Jonn Elledge | The Politics of Policy #2

The state of British infrastructure is not exactly perfect, and today I speak to Jonn Elledge, editor of the New Statesman’s sister website CityMetric, to discuss why that is. Also, marginally less importantly, long-time series listeners will be thrilled to finally discover whether my hot beverage theory held true. Links: Skylines podcast; Jonn’s twitter; mine

Diane Coyle & Duncan Weldon | The Politics of Policy #1

Voting decisions are often driven by perceptions of how well the economy is being run – but is that currently a bit problematic? In these two interviews, I take a look at whether “economic success” is being measured in the right way, and whether broadcasters are doing a good job of relaying that economic analysis… Continue reading Diane Coyle & Duncan Weldon | The Politics of Policy #1

Matthew Doyle & Matt Zarb-Cousin | New vs. ‘Old’ Media #2

In a surprise bonus double episode, I speak to two people with an awful lot of experience in dealing with the media, and ask them about how that works, and whether British media is a ‘level playing field’. Former Labour head of press & broadcasting Matthew Doyle kicks us off, while former Jeremy Corbyn spokesperson… Continue reading Matthew Doyle & Matt Zarb-Cousin | New vs. ‘Old’ Media #2

Matt Chorley | New vs. ‘Old’ Media #1

Why do we read what we do? How should politicians react to a diversification of media consumption? How do relationships between politicians and journalists affect who comes to the fore of our political debate? I ask Matt Chorley, editor of the Times Red Box. Links: my twitter; Matt’s twitter; Times Red Box podcast

Richard Angell | Campaigns & Narratives #2

Where have Labour gone wrong since 2010? Why did Theresa May lose last year, and what can Jeremy Corbyn do to capitalise on Labour’s gains next time? What does the public want in a future PM? I ask Richard Angell, director of Labour’s centre-left movement Progress. My twitter; Richard’s twitter; further reading #1; #2; #3

Evan Davis | Campaigns & Narratives #1

How can TV interviews properly hold politicians accountable? Has the establishment lost its way when it comes to creating narratives that appeal to the general population? Will ‘extreme message management’ return as a successful political strategy ever again? I ask Evan Davis, ‘Newsnight’ host and author of ‘Post Truth’ to see what he thinks. Twitter


Election Inspection is a brand new, short-run podcast series. Created by a 17-year-old with a troubling politics obsession and too much time on his hands, each week a new guest will appear to talk about either the intricacies of campaigning, the evolution of modern British media, or the electoral politics of policy. Twitter: @keirbradwell